What is Insomnia and How to Treat it?


What is Insomnia and How to Treat it?

What is Insomnia?

Did you know that sleep is as important to your physical and mental health as eating? Without sound, restful slumber we can’t replenish the brain cells or chemicals in our body. For those with insomnia this means more of a struggle just getting through every day without their bodies being able to function properly.

Insomnia’ is an issue characterized by difficulty falling asleep which may persist for months at a time! Sufferers find it difficult not only staying asleep but also waking up on time if they do fall into deep sleep mode somehow during these long bouts of nightly misery.

Many sufferers will opt for medications such as Zopiclone or Diazepam to help alleviate the issue.

How Is Insomnia Diagnosed?

You may be suffering from insomnia if you frequently suffer a combination of the following symptoms: difficulty going to sleep, feeling tired after waking up and despite being tired cannot nap. Restlessness can keep your mind active at night, which leads to many interruptions during deep REM cycles of sleep–the very time when we need it most for our bodies’ ability to recuperate. The other symptom is that one wakes early in the morning but cannot go back break their fast with restful slumber.

It’s not unusual these days for people who have busy lives or stressful work environments take less naps than they used too; this can lead them into developing an irregular sleeping pattern where over time day becomes indistinguishable from evening as soon as bedtime approaches

Different Types of Insomnia

Insomnia is often categorized into two main types: acute and chronic. Acute insomnia refers to short-term, from one night to a few weeks whereas chronic insomnia lasts longer than three nights per week for more then 3 months or so. A person’s condition can be further split up based on the cause of their sleep disorder; if they have a mental illness such as depression, anxiety disorders or another psychiatric diagnosis that could potentially lead them towards trouble sleeping well at night this may classify as an additional type of treatment which would be needed in order help manage it properly.

What Are the Main Causes of Insomnia?

The causes and cures for insomnia are as varied as the people suffering from it. Some of the most common reasons include poor mental health, inhospitable sleep environment, a bad diet or too much alcohol/caffeine consumption. Other factors can include illness such as depression or anxiety medications which tend to disrupt one’s sleeping patterns.

Is Insomnia Common?

The NHS describes insomnia as a common problem, estimating it regularly affects around one in three people in the UK. It is particularly prevalent in older people.

How to Cure Insomnia

The good news is, if you can identify the underlying physical, mental or environmental factors that are plaguing your sleep and making it difficult to stay asleep at night then there’s a chance of getting back on track. Introducing some more structure in terms of regular sleeping hours by avoiding electronics like laptops before bedtime might be all you need so get ready for an uninterrupted slumber through the entire evening!

It is important to note, in extreme insomnia cases, these lifestyle changes may not be enough. We would always recommend speaking to a doctor if your insomnia has lasted for more than a month or is affecting your daily life.

A doctor will likely reinforce the above and offer cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT). In rare instances where sleep deprivation lasts over one month without any sign of improvement, sleeping pills can help restore a restful nights sleep.

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