Side Effects: Pregabalin


Side Effects: Pregabalin

From the simplest medication, such as painkillers used for a headache, to chronic medications used for serious medical conditions like diabetes and high cholesterol. All types of pharmaceuticals come with the possibility of adverse effects but more often than not they are just an inconvenience.

Most people won’t experience adverse effects when taking a medication, but some will. This is because of the way that it interacts with your body chemistry and passes through you. Some medications have more side-effects than others, but they all carry some risk.

Patients who experienced harmful reactions to their prescriptions are due in part to how susceptible each person’s system can be dependent on their individual biology and health history.

One of the side effects found in medications for allergies is that they cause drowsiness and dry mouth. These symptoms can be especially troublesome when taking a medication before bedtime or while driving long distances on busy roads.

There are a few ways to help reduce the likelihood of side effects:

  • Keep hydrated – Water is a natural healer. Drinking it helps your body flush out the toxins associated with medications you are using, because of its ability to help hydrate and maintain electrolytes levels in your system.
  • Plenty of exercise – Aerobic exercise can be a powerful tool to improve your immune system.
  • Smaller meals – This is useful for reducing certain side effects and it does not delay the onset of action when taking this medication while eating a meal.

Common Pregabalin Side Effects

Drowsiness – Feeling abnormally tired or sleep at inappropriate times can be regarded as drowsiness. Drowsy people may have an inability to stay mentally alert, fatigue and weakness which is why resting should help with these feelings. It’s important not to engage in a task requiring mental sharpness because it could lead you into making mistakes that are out of your control due to the impairment on cognitive ability from being too sleepy – make sure you’re always getting enough rest!

Blurred Vision – With a lack of sharpness in eyesight and inability to see finer details, blurry vision can be uncomfortable. Sleep may help with the discomfort and eye drops might work for those who have tried it before.

Dry Mouth – This sensation feels like a lack of moisture in the mouth. It occurs when the salivary glands do not produce sufficient salvia. To counteract these effects you can chew sugar-less gum, drink plenty of fluids (except caffeine) and use certain mouthwashes which help with these symptoms. Mouthwashes which have alcohol in their content are not appropriate for dry mouth as this can further elevate these effects.

Uncommon Pregabalin Side Effects

Side effects are not uncommon in clinical trials, but they take a dramatic increase when it comes to medication. Out of every 100 people who use Pregabalin drug, about 1 will experience side effects such as stomach pain or fatigue. This is significantly higher than the numbers for those given placebo pills which only have an occurrence rate of up to 10%.

Some of the uncommon pregabalin side effects can include:

  • Constipation – Often a harmless inconvenience, but can be more serious when there’s blood in the stool or if it persists for longer than three weeks. To avoid constipation and to help with regular bowel movements, drink plenty of water every day! Eating foods rich in fibre will also assist you while you’re going through this little discomfort.
  • Muscle spasms – These sudden and involuntary muscle spasms can be a tremendous source of pain, but the relief is in your own hands. Simple stretching or light exercises will help to alleviate some discomfort from these spams, whereas other natural remedies such as applying heat or ice could also provide you with comfort.
  • Increased hunger – Pregabalin tablets can cause increased appetite and weight gain. To counteract these effects, you should eat nutrient-rich foods to help with the side effect of an increase in appetite or restrict your meals to lower calorie food options that will keep your sugar levels steady without any additional calories coming from higher fat content dishes such as hamburgers, french fries, cookies etc.

Rare Pregabalin Side Effects

One of the rare side effects you may experience with pregabalin is an effect that few people have.

Rare pregabalin side effects do not refer to those which are strange or odd but rather the effects which are noticeable in few of trial patients when taking medication for other conditions, such as epilepsy and generalized anxiety disorder (GAD). These can happen between 1 out 1000 and 10 000 times among all trials during clinical evaluation–and they’re more likely if a person has one condition before starting on another treatment like this medicine.

  • Wheezing – You don’t want your breathing to sound like a whistle. That is what happens when something blocks the air passage, such as with asthma or bronchitis. If you are experiencing rapid or difficult breathing and wheezing, this may be serious! To help reduce symptoms of wheezing caused by these conditions it best avoiding tobacco smoke and moisturizing the air in your environment.
  • Low blood sugar – Hypoglycemia is a condition that can be accompanied by symptoms such as tiredness, sweating and dizziness. To help regulate blood sugar levels you should keep tabs on the foods you eat according to their glycemic index (a value which indicates how quick they increase your blood sugar).
  • Hives – Hives are red, swollen bumps on the skin that itch. They may burn or sting and can be kept cool to soothe them in addition to moisturizing for relief from itchyness. The most common symptom of hives is a rash with reddened, raised welts all over your body which often result in swelling and itching as well as pain if they’ve been scratched open too much because these symptoms not only make you uncomfortable but also prevent sleep at night since scratching makes things worse again resulting in an endless cycle where more scratches leads to even greater discomfort.

Pregabalin Effects Explained

Pregabalin / Lyrica side effects are a result of the composition and effect on different people.

Pregabalin is generally well tolerated with only mild to moderate adverse reactions occurring in 2-8% of patients, but they are more common when taken for seizures or neuropathic pain. The problem occurs because it’s difficult to develop medications that target one area without affecting another; this is further hampered by how these medicines affect everyone differently – meaning there really isn’t an easy solution.

Apart from causing adverse events on its own, using pregabalin with other therapeutics such as diabetes medications, anti-histamines, tranquilizers and even a painkiller can cause further negative effects. For example if you are taking antidepressants or an antipsychotic medication in addition to the new drug your symptoms may worsen. In some cases it could result in death!

Many medications have the potential for negative side effects. The pregabalin medication is not an exception to this rule, and even though there are no cases of dangerous side effects associated with its use in therapeutic doses, it’s still important that patients continue taking their medicine as prescribed by a doctor. There are many other factors involved when determining whether or not a drug has safety implications–prior FDA approval is one example among others where drugs can be assessed for risks versus benefits before coming onto the market.

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